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Become a drone pilot

In accordance with the latest directives from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the implementation of these regulations by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (OFAC), standards for drone piloting have been significantly strengthened. New admission conditions have been established, varying depending on the flight zone and the type of aircraft used.

Our Pilot Courses

At the Forefront of Regulation and Technology

360 virtual inspection

Online Training on Drone Piloting Fundamentals

This online program is a practical alternative for those wishing to train but cannot attend in-person sessions. The course content covers all essential elements of regulation and safe drone piloting.

thermal inspection

Advanced Course

This in-person program is intended for drone pilots operating in the "Open" category. It aims to prepare you for the A1 and A3 drone permits.

alpicapture drone pilot

Professional Course

This in-person course, designed for drone pilots in the "Specific" category, prepares you for the A2 drone permit, which must be obtained from OFAC.

Support from
Certified Experts

Expert Instructors

Our teaching team consists of highly qualified professionals.

EASA & OFAC Standards

Our instructors are trained according to stringent EASA and OFAC criteria.

Personalized Guidance

We stand by your side throughout the entire learning journey.

Certification Upon Completion

Receive a certificate at the end of your training to validate your skills and qualifications.

Become a Virtual Tour Capture Expert

In an increasingly demanding market, mastering virtual tour capture has become a valuable asset. The AlpiCapture Academy invites you to dive into a comprehensive training that will transform you into a sought-after professional across various sectors, whether it’s industry, commerce, real estate, tourism, or outdoor spaces.

A Multi-faceted Training for a Fast-Evolving World

Our training doesn’t just teach you how to use our state-of-the-art 360 cameras; it delves deeper by introducing you to the nuances of shooting and the essential basics of photography. With these skills in hand, you’ll be equipped to operate in a wide range of environments, from commercial to industrial, outdoor spaces to real estate properties and tourist sites.

3d scan

Become an Expert

The market is in search of professionals capable of capturing environments in an immersive and detailed manner. This training is your ticket to becoming that expert. Our rigorously trained and certified instructors will guide you through a curriculum that makes you not just a competent user of capture equipment, but a true 360° capture artist.

Certified and Ready to Impress

Upon completion of this captivating training, you will receive a certification from AlpiCapture Academy, sealing your status as a virtual tour capture expert. This certification is more than just a piece of paper; it's a validation of your expertise and a stepping stone to new professional opportunities.

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