Underwater inspection with AlpiCapture

In a world where underwater resources play a key role in many sectors, the need for accurate and reliable underwater inspection is more important than ever. AlpiCapture offers you a revolutionary solution with our underwater rover that can dive up to 200 meters deep. Discover how our services can change the way you conduct underwater inspections and optimize your operations

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The challenges of underwater exploration and inspection are many. Between environmental regulations, risks to divers, and the need for accurate data, traditional solutions are no longer enough. Here’s how AlpiCapture makes a difference

Unrivalled imaging quality

High Definition Photos and Videos

Our underwater rover is equipped with high-resolution cameras that capture photos and videos of exceptional quality, offering a detailed view of underwater structures and environments.

Versatile applications

Infrastructure inspection

Ideal for inspecting bridge piers, ship hulls or oil platforms, our service guarantees an accurate assessment of structural condition.

Environmental Surveys

The ability to take water or silt samples makes our rover an invaluable tool for environmental studies and water quality monitoring.

Underwater Archaeology

Our rover's diving depth and image quality open up new possibilities for archaeologists, enabling access to previously unexplored sites.

Dimensional accuracy

On-board lasers for dimensional measurements

Our on-board laser technology enables dimensional inspections to be carried out with exceptional accuracy, which is crucial for applications such as planning repair or expansion work.

Reliability and safety

Reduced human risk

Eliminate the risks associated with human diving by opting for a robotic solution that guarantees both accuracy and safety.

Comprehensive analysis for better monitoring

The data collected is not only accurate but also comprehensive, enabling more effective monitoring and planning.


AlpiCapture pushes the boundaries of underwater inspection with advanced, versatile technology. Whether for structural inspections, environmental studies or archaeological research, our services offer a complete and reliable solution.

To find out more about our underwater inspection service and how it can revolutionize your industry, please visit our website.

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