Enhancing Lives through Virtual Reality

Our Technologies at the Service of Humanity

Mobilizing our capture technologies and our expertise in virtual reality, our goal is simple but ambitious: to actively contribute to improving the quality of life for residents in medical and social establishments.

In a world where technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, it’s not just about the newest gadgets or the fastest computers. At the heart of our mission lies a profound and humane goal: to leverage our cutting-edge capture technologies and expertise in virtual reality to substantially improve the quality of life for residents in medical and social establishments. Our focus is not just on innovation, but on human-centered technology that makes a real difference

The Issue:
Understanding the Need

In Switzerland and beyond, we face a growing challenge: social isolation and cognitive deterioration among seniors in medico-social institutions.

These issues, compounded by the uprooting from familiar places, significantly impact mental health

Our Solution:
Virtual Reality Experiences

Our immersive VR experiences are more than distractions,

they are gateways to cherished memories and familiar places, offering cognitive and emotional benefits to seniors and individuals with limited mobility 

Scientific Support and Clinical Validation

Our VR solutions are grounded in science, backed by studies affirming their positive impact on mental health, particularly for isolated seniors. Adhering to strict medical standards, our devices are more than innovative, they’re clinically validated 

vr headset
vr hospital

Clinically Proven Advantages for Patients

  • Cognitive Stimulation: Clinically validated research shows significant improvement in memory and cognitive functions.
  • Improvement in Mental State: Empirical studies report a notable uplift in the emotional and psychological well-being of participants.
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: The calming influence of our virtual experiences is supported by clinical evidence.
  • Reduction of Social Isolation: Our solutions facilitate social interaction and foster a sense of belonging through shared experiences.

Our Social Commitment

AC Vitacare

 In our journey to make a difference, we have established the AC Vitacare association. This initiative aims to provide these transformative services free of charge to nursing home residents. We call upon our partners and the community at large to join us in this noble endeavor, to enhance the lives of those in need

At the core of our technology lies a commitment to humanity. We believe in the power of innovation to transform lives, not just through sophisticated devices but through meaningful applications that address some of the most pressing challenges in our society. To learn more about our medical device or to join us as a partner in the AC Vitacare initiative, we welcome you to reach out and be a part of this life-changing journey.

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